Who needs a contract?

One thing I have never been keen on is contracts and the notion that people should be locked into a contract for a period of time regardless of service.


I know we all do it and whether it’s your tv and broadband package, phone, or utilities bills we are all under a form of contract. The same effectively applies to your insurance premiums, mortgage or anything that is time related and fixed until a fixed date with a penalty should you devise to renege on your part of the deal.


The problem is over a slow but steady period of time it has become harder than ever to get hold of these companies and you are sent through to an overseas call centre which bombard you with a thousand security questions should you be so lucky to even get through. Of course that’s all part of the plan, so you don’t cancel and even bother picking the phone up in the first place. 


What we are going through now is unprecedented and you have no chance of getting through to your bank, utility or broadband company etc. That’s understandable with the current situation and a lack of staff but it is a serious problem should you wish to cut a contract for financial reasons or have a desperate need to talk with them.


But it’s part of a bigger picture and developing culture which makes it harder and harder for people to communicate with a real human being and close a contract when it matters or simply have a decent conversation with a company without going through a whole series of press 1 for this and 2 for that etc etc......


As director of Whale Fire I simply want to provide a professional and fair service for my clients which is why we don’t offer contracts and they are free to use other companies if they are not happy with what we provide. Unlike lots of larger fire safety companies that tie you in, we don’t and at time’s like this you are not paying for something which you are not receiving. Simple, transparent and fair. Working with our clients and not against them.

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