East London high rise fire

This recent fire in a 18 storey high rise block of flats in East London started at the top of the block and was able to be extinguished without anybody suffering any injuries.

The fire damaged several windows at the top of the block and was extinguished by London Fire Brigade (LFB) before the fire could cause any more damage. 

There were also two other fires nearby in fields at the same time as LFB faced a really busy few days.  The hot weather and dry conditions can increase the chances of fires starting and spreading and extra vigilance should be put in place in these conditions.


Following basic fire safety advise can help such as:


Being careful when discarding off cigarettes (as these can smoulder for hours if not properly extinguished) 


Not overloading electrical sockets and making sure these are switched off after use


Never leaving your cooking unattended


Being extra careful with BBQ’s when outside


Not using BBQs or smoking on external flat balconies


Making sure you use all electrical applications safely such as fans and switching off mobile phone chargers after use


Not leaving unnecessarily combustible materials lying around and making sure the external perimeter of your building is clear


Keeping your building or property secure to prevent unauthorised access


The above list is not exhaustive but every little helps at times like these


Stay safe




For London Fire Risk Assessments please visit out Fire Risk Assessment London page here:



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