Bedford Fire

Firefighters are fighting a huge fire at a block of 20 flats in Bedford which has been caused by a huge gas explosion. There are reports of two injuries, one potentially very serious. The fire appears to have burnt through a large section of the roof and is a very serious...

Residential fire risk assessment London

Residential fire risk assessment London Whale Fire can provide all of your residential fire risk assessment requirements throughout London.  Perhaps you are selling your flat and need an urgent fire risk assessment in order for the sale to progress.  If that’s th...

South East London Fire

Dozens of firefighters in London are battling a fire on the 15th floor of a 17 floor high rise block of flats in South East London. I hope everybody has been safely evacuated and firefighters have been able to get the fire under control. It will be interesting to see what ha...

East Dulwich outbuilding fire

his outbuilding fire in East Dulwich, London, was believed to have been caused by unattended barbeque coals. London Fire Brigade (LFB) have issued a warning urging residents in London to be careful using barbeques and never to leave your barbeque unattended. The consequences o...

Fire risk assessment how often

I am often asked how often a fire risk assessment should be completed and reviewed.  There is not a definitive answer as it all depends on the type of premises and the risk involved.    If you have a residential property (block of flats, HMO) then should ideally r...

Child minders fire safety guidance

The Childcare Register for childcare in both domestic and non-domestic premises is issued and controlled by Ofsted.  They state “The registered person must ensure that the children receiving childcare are kept safe from harm” and this naturally includes fire safe...

Is it illegal not to have a fire risk assessment?

It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to have a fire risk assessment completed.  Therefore, if you require a fire risk assessment for your commercial premises or within the communal areas of flats, it is illegal to not have completed ...

e-bike lithium-ion battery fire

This recent fire in Shepherds Bush was started by an e-bike’s lithium-ion battery. The fire resulted in one casualty being taken to hospital and up to sixty firefighters attended the blaze. The fire occurred on the 12th floor of a high rise block of flats. LFB have issue...

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