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Knock On Effect

This article details how an insurance company is advising residents to take extra care with fire safety measures during this lockdown episode. It’s worth a read but what I think needs highlighting is the cause and effect of decisions and the knock on effect. As the ma...

Communal Areas Fire Risk Assessments

f you are selling your flat and need a fire risk assessment for the communal areas in your building please let us know. Whether you are the tenant, landlord, managing agent or otherwise responsible person we can carry out the fire risk assessment to ensure compliance for your ...

Taking a back seat

This article stresses that fire safety must not be overlooked during this coronavirus outbreak. The focus at the moment is solely on the virus and many businesses and sectors have had to take a back seat but fire safety should not be one of them. In these hot and dry condit...

Hot Fire Safety Tips

Good article for people to follow during these hot and dry conditions: This includes BBQ safely tips: You should never leave a barbeque unattended Always keep them well away from buildings, sheds, fences, hedges and any trees Never use a barbeque on balconies Make ...

Commercial Fire Bolton

Fire crews spent considerable time dealing with this large commercial fire in Bolton. Residents nearby were advised to close their windows due to the extensive smoke travel from this warehouse fire. When carrying out a fire risk assessment for any type of building there is ...

Calling London Landlords

If you are a managing agent, landlord or otherwise responsible person for a block of flats in London, we can provide you with your fire risk assessment. Whether your flats are purpose built , converted, or an HMO we can assist. Using the Lacors, HM Sleeping Accommodation Gu...

Risk Averse

ever have we been so risk averse. Never have so many premises been closed down or had bureaucrats nosing around in their business. When it comes to fire safety, we are at a pivotal moment I think when it comes to extreme risk intolerance and a common sense approach. None...

Metro London Residents

Fascinating article in the Metro about residents who feel physically, emotionally and financially trapped living in flats with dangerous cladding during the lockdown. One resident has had a nervous breakdown and others are fearful for their lives at a time when they can barely...

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