It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that all staff members receive fire training to ensure they can safely evacuate the building in a fire situation. It must also be ensured that any visitors including disabled persons are safely evacuated from your premises.

Whale Fire Limited provides a whole range of fire training packages including induction, basic fire awareness and fire warden training. This includes live practical fire extinguisher training where required. We can carry out the training at your place of work and can design a training package around your individual staff needs. The level of fire training required will depend on the type and size of your premises as well as the number of people you employ.

Fire training also covers subjects including:

  • The history of fire safety
  • The science and chemical reactions which create fire
  • Identifying hazards and implementing control measures
  • Fire evacuation and drills

We can also train selective members of staff on how to safely evacuate disabled persons from your premises by producing a PEEP (Personal Emergency Egress Plans) if required.

The Benefits

All of our fire trainers are fully qualified and have vast experience in carrying out fire training
We will advise on the type of training required for your company and building(s) and we can tailor the package to meet the needs of your individual staff members
All delegates will be provided with a fire training certificate free of charge
Fire Safety Training UK