Fire doors are not just doors, but reinforced with heavy duty, non-combustible material that become a tangible barrier between rooms, effectively reducing the spread of fire. Fire doors are often overlooked, and it can be difficult to tell what is or isn’t a fire door within a building or premises, or even where one should be located.

Fire doors should be regarded as an integral part of any building or premises fire plan, and just like a fire alarm or sprinkler system a fire door might just be the thing that makes the difference.

Our fire door maintenance solutions

Like anything that is designed to serve a purpose, fire doors are not exempt from maintenance, and need to be serviced accordingly. At Whale fire, we use our extensive knowledge and experience gained from the fire service and compartmentation industry to ensure we keep your fire doors in perfect working order.

We’ve seen the effect of poorly maintained fire doors and have witnessed first hand the catastrophic effects they can have during a fire. Employing our ‘no stone unturned’ approach Whale Fire will make sure your fire doors are hung correctly, make sure all seals are effective and that there is no risk of fire spreading.

Fire doors – Installation and Maintenance

As well as a fire door maintenance service, Whale Fire also able to supply and fit fire doors to any exact specification, for both commercial and residential properties and premises. Whale Fire supply fire doors in a wide range colours, finishes and sizes from the leading fire door manufacturers and are able to fit them to British Standards for real peace of mind.

Fire compartmentation

A further service Whale Fire offers in fire safety is the concept of compartmentation. For larger high rise buildings, we’re able to analyse and split a building in to ‘cells’ effectively preventing fire from spreading whilst making escape for people a top priority with minimal disruption to an existing building layout.

With a considered approach to any building or premises, Whale Fire’s compartmentation service will identify key areas and outline any improvements that can be made to any space, such as rooms, corridors, stairs and lift shafts, as well as taking any hidden spaces in to consideration. Fire compartmentation should be regarded as an integral part of any building or premises fire plan.

Extinguish the risk. Contact us today to speak to one of the team about our fire door maintenance and supply packages.

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