Whale Fire Limited can install and maintain your fire alarm system to ensure it conforms to the relevant British Standard (BS 5839 Part 1 or Part 6). We will send a qualified fire alarm engineer to both commercial and residential properties to ensure your system is working correctly and in accordance with the current legislation.

Your fire-warning and/or detection system should be supervised by a named responsible person with appropriate authority and training to manage all aspects of the routine testing and scrutiny of the system. The control and indicating equipment should be checked at least every 24 hours to ensure there are no specific faults. All types of fire warning systems should be tested once a week. For electrical systems, a manual call point should be activated (using a different call point for each successive test), usually by inserting a dedicated test key. This will check that the control equipment is capable of receiving a signal and in turn, activating the warning alarms. Manual call points may be numbered to ensure they are sequentially tested. Testing and maintenance of the system should be carried out by a trained person.

It is good practice to test the alarm at the same time each week, but additional tests may be required to ensure that all staff or people present outside normal working hours are given the opportunity to hear the alarm.

Where systems are connected to a central monitoring station, arrangements should be made prior to testing to avoid unwanted false alarms. A six-monthly servicing and preventive maintenance check should be carried out by a trained person with specialist knowledge of fire-warning and automatic detection systems. Whale Fire service contracts ensure these checks are professionally carried out and at the correct times.

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The Benefits

All of our engineers are fully qualified
We provide a range of servicing contracts.
You will receive a fire alarm commissioning and servicing certificate.
We only use fire alarm equipment which is of the highest quality.
Our engineers provide an on call service to tackle false alarms and system faults.