What are automatic opening vents?

Automatic opening vents (AOV) are vents that open automatically when their sensors detect either heat or smoke, allowing air to flow freely and for smoke to escape within a room or space.

The greatest immediate danger to the occupants of a building in the event of fire comes from the smoke rather than from heat or even the fire itself. Even a small fire can very quickly fill a building with smoke to the extent where people escaping cannot see and find escape routes and can be overcome by smoke inhalation.

The automatic opening vents are designed for smoke to be vented from an area leaving a layer of clean air below. This clear layer allows occupants to pass and exit the building safely.

Automatic opening vents are often used in conjunction with water sprinkler systems, which can often contain the fire to a predetermined size. They are mainly installed in shopping centres, warehouses, public and industrial buildings where building design means the escape routes for occupants are complex or escape distances are greater than recommended within building regulations.

Whale Fire supplies automatic opening vents

At Whale Fire we are able to supply a range of automatic opening vents from leading suppliers. We can install them as part of a wider fire prevention and detection solution, or as a ‘stand alone’ package and all our automatic opening vents comply with British Standard 7346 or equivalent standards.

Automatic opening vent maintenance

At Whale Fire, we provide a range of maintenance packages, and we can include the maintenance of automatic opening vents within any of our packages, albeit monthly or annually, depending on the maintenance package in place. It is important to note that in order to remain British Standard 7346 compliant, automatic opening vents must be serviced at least annually, though we would highly recommend a more regular maintenance to ensure they’re fully serviceable, giving you real peace of mind.

Extinguish the risk. Contact us today to speak to one of the team about our automatic opening vents maintenance and supply packages.

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